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My name is Chris Lile and I am a third-generation State Farm Insurance agent in Tulsa. My grandfather started as an Oklahoma Farmers Agent back in 1959, so it’s only natural that we’re always focused on protecting the good reputation our family has built over 50 years! We serve all of Jenks up through Broken Arrow with auto insurance including cars & trucks; life coverage for those important people you love most–parents or grandparents included!–as well as home owners’ policies to protect your investment against any risks associated therewith (like flood damage).

Areas of Focus

Help your family stay protected and enjoy the things they need best with our Personal Price Plan™. We offer safe driving rewards, bundling options and discounts*. Protect yourself or someone else – it’s all available from one company at Chris Lile Insurance Agency!

State Farm Insurance is here to help you achieve your goals. Chris Lile can navigate the complicated world of small business insurance, and we offer a number of health & liability coverage options for those who love us most in case something were ever happen with one or more people on their list too heal from illness caused by an accident that was not exclusively related work-related injuries
A goal? We’ve got ways get there! We are Tulsa’s #1 State Farm Agents!

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Life insurance

Life insurance

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