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With over 30 years in the field, Sprayroq continues to act as a market leader. A structural rehabilitation company, Sprayroq partners with municipalities, facilities, and business owners across the nation. With a unique approach to underground structural rehabilitation, Sprayroq provides its team of Sprayroq Certified Partners with the products they need to repair critical infrastructure easily and effectively.

Using an engineered structural polyurethane known as SprayWall, the Sprayroq team is able to quickly repair stormwater systems, lift stations, culverts, and other underground assets. Because they use a fast curing product, your business or municipality is able to return to a normal level of operation in just a few hours.

Sprayroq provides an easy solution for underground structural rehabilitation. With over 1 million applications, Sprayroq is confident that they offer a rehabilitation process that surpasses all others. Keep reading to learn more about how Sprayroq can assist you! 

Areas of Focus

Sprayroq is a Structural Rehabilitation Company that provides an extensive list of services for numerous industries. A few of the areas in which they often work are listed below:

  • Infrastructure Maintenance & RepairsUnderground Structural Rehabilitation
  • Infrastructure Linings
  • Engineered Structural Linings
  • Corrosion Barrier Linings
  • Engineered Structural Polyurethane
  • Fast Cure Structural Linings
  • Culvert Rehabilitation
  • Stormwater Structural Rehabilitation
  • Engineered Lift Station Coatings

Sprayroq Contact Information

Use the information listed below to learn more about the services that Sprayroq, a structural rehabilitation company, provides to customers in Alabama and around the world.


4766 Grantswood Road, Suite 150

Irondale, AL 35210

(205) 957-0020

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