The Top Bathtub Resurfacing Business In Tulsa

Bear and Bison Resurfacing offers excellent services that can save you money and time while making your bathroom or kitchen look brand new. Their experts have over 20 years of experience, with an emphasis on kitchen and bathroom resurfacing. They are experts at ensuring your bathtubs, countertops, vanities, and backsplashes look brand new, even if they are years and years old. Resurfacing is fantastic because you won’t need to replace the appliances that you already have. Instead, invest in Bear and Bison and let them invest in your home! Bear and Bison is a top bathtub resurfacing business in Tulsa, and you won’t be disappointed by their excellent customer service and professional resurfacing.

Areas of Service

Interested in your appliances being resurfaced? Below we explore some of the top services offered by

Bear and Bison Resurfacing.

  • Tulsa Bathtub Resurfacing
  • Bathtub Vanity Resurfacing
  • Kitchen Countertop Resurfacing
  • Tulsa Bathroom Remodel
  • And more

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