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Jennifer A. Bruner, Attorney at Law is here to help business owners protect their interests when it comes time for either selling or buying shares in a company; coaching them through all aspects of these transactions so they know exactly what documents will be needed beforehand and after-the deal has been completed (including any necessary paperwork); providing legal guidance on mergers & acquisitions–whether you’re looking into merging with another firm or purchasing out someone else’s shareholdings). Jennifer A. Bruner, Attorney at Law will guide you through all aspects of selling a business from beginning to end; she can provide comprehensive legal advice in regard specifically regarding shares or assets owned by businesses as well real estate transactions that are involved with merging two companies together – there’s no need for worry if it concerns your company!

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Areas of Focus

Although there are many types of acquisitions, our firm is well-suited to help guide you through the process. We will assist with any type acquisition – from buying a new location or service line up for an existing business–and take care not just your legal rights as buyer but also those relating employee matters too!

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