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India Church PlantingHBI Global Partners is a Christian mission organization focusing on fulfilling the Great Commission through India Church Planting. Jesus told the disciples to “go into all the world and preach the gospel.” (Mark 16:15)

HBI Global Partners was founded by Dr. Paul Gupta who had a vision of reaching India for Christ. He was able to establish the Hindustan Bible Institute where Indian nationals could come and be trained in the Word of God.

Today, HBI Global Partners continues to carry out Dr. Gupta’s vision. Not only do they now have many centers in India, but they also have a support base in Oklahoma.

HBI Global Partners has several strategies they are using to not only spread the Good News in India but also to provide relief to the people who are struggling. Through India church planting and other outreaches, more and more people are coming to know the saving power of Christ.

The Importance of HBI Global Partners in India

HBI Global Partners plays a pivotal role in India, significantly impacting communities through their multifaceted initiatives. The organization’s commitment to holistic development is evident in the establishment and operation of Child Development Centers, providing a nurturing environment for the comprehensive growth of children.

Through India Church Planting efforts, they contribute to the formation of faith-based communities, fostering spiritual support networks that contribute to the nation’s cultural and social fabric.

HBI Global Partners’ commitment extends to Unreached People Initiatives, targeting underserved areas with tailored assistance, reflecting their dedication to inclusivity. Moreover, their Online Education Opportunities and Degree Programs offer accessible educational pathways, fostering empowerment and personal growth nationwide.

In essence, HBI Global Partners stands as a beacon of positive change, making a lasting impact on the lives of individuals and communities across India.

Areas of Focus

India Church PlantingHBI Global Partners uses several strategies to reach the people of India. They include:


Contact India church planting organization, HBI Global Partners, if you feel called to serve the people of India. There are opportunities to volunteer both in India and within the United States.

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HBI Global Partners

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