The best Houston Residential Property Management

Shannon Property Management  is a Houston Residential Property Management that is devoted to the mission of partnering with various rental property owners throughout Houston, to maximize their financial gain while minimizing the stress and effort of managing properties

This Houston Property Management seeks to provide the best service for property owners that have single family homes, multi family homes, and room shares. Not only that, they are optimally prepared to provide management for HOA’s.

They will manage your properties from start to finish by taking care of Marketing, Screening, Collecting, and Maintaining on your behalf. 

Shannon Properties will ensure that your property has the best representation and that you have the peace of mind that your property is being managed properly and in a trustworthy manner.

Areas of focus

  • Market. Shannon Property Management follows a meticulous process that makes sure that properties are listed at the proper market value.
  • Screen. As prospective renters show interest, they will undergo a scrupulous, eight part screening process that will make sure that properties will be matched with the finest tenants.
  • Collect. Shannon Property Management will make it convenient and accessible for tenants to pay through their online platform or even set up recurring payments.
  • Maintain. Each property will be managed with personal care and excellence.

Learn more about Shannon Property Management

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