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This Business Lawyer in OKC assists in all aspects of selling, buying, and merging businesses. Legal advice services and guidance will be provided with respect to whether to do an asset purchase or a share purchase, selling of real estate, or whether to form a partnership or joint venture. This Business Lawyer in OKC will work their way through the process of selling or buying an OKC business, with discussion and explanation of the contract language at each step to ensure that your questions are answered.

Area’s Of Focus    

This Business Lawyer in OKC is motivated by the breadth of services provided by  her firm and the unique challenges and learning opportunities that each legal matter provides. Jennifer takes great pride in helping people from all walks of life to overcome hurdles, while giving her clients the peace of mind that comes from having a knowledgeable, dedicated attorney. Some of the services provided by this firm include:

  • litigation – pursuing your claims or defending your interests
  • contract drafting
  • lease agreement – drafting or review
  • non-compete agreement – drafting or review
  • employment or independent contractor agreements
  • asset purchases & acquisitions
  • professional practice transition
  • contract drafting and review
  • employee Handbooks, drafting or review
  • policies and procedures, drafting or review
  • real estate purchase or sale
  • organization of an entity
  • medical practice mergers OKC

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