Transcend Dental Implants is Tulsa’s Best Tulsa Gum Disease Dentist

Transcend Dental Implants & Periodontics is the best gum disease dental office in Tulsa. The team at Transcend Dental is devoted to providing the best care and service in the industry, ensuring that each person who walks through their doors get’s personalized care and to support to fit their individual needs. Transcend Dental is proud to provide quality personalized care through integrity, innovation, and professionalism. Transcend Dental’s specialty is in protecting the foundation of your teeth, the gum and bones that hold everything in place. Transcend Dental understands that without a good foundation, your teeth can become loose and fall out. They also understand that some teeth can’t be saved. If that’s the case, the team at Transcend Dental has implants that can save your smile.

Tulsa gum diseaseAreas of Focus

Transcend Dental Implants & Periodontics specializes in a variety of ways to protect the foundation of your teeth and to save your smile.

Comprehensive Gum Disease Treatment
Gum Recession Correction
Dental Implants
Laser Gum Disease Treatment

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