Vern Twyman- Founder of Ventures 7000

Vern Twyman is the founder of a company called Ventures 7000. Vern founded this company to have the legal ability and the manpower to uncover the Philippines ‘ greatest treasure. Vern has a vast background in finances, he has held many jobs in finances, from entry-level to very influential. Through these experiences, Vern was exposed to information about gold and valuables that have been covered for generations. This moved Vern to assemble a team of people through his large contacts. This team is able to work within the legal parameters of the country, have the historical knowledge to know where to look, and know how to operate in the world of finance.

What are Venture 7000 Areas of Focus?

In World War II countries from Europe and Asia began to try and send their valuables to discrete locations in fear of it being captured by Germany and Japan. However, their efforts were in vain and the gold was captured by Japan. It was stored in the Philippines in underground tunnels and caves. After the war ended and Japan was defeated, the treasure still remained. It is believed that 1/3 of the treasure has still not been found. This is where Ventures 7000 comes in. They have a team of highly skilled individuals that help uncover these treasures. When the treasures are found a portion is kept for profit, some to charity which is a passion of Vern’s, and the rest goes to the country and is divided among pre-designated entities set by the government. Venture 7000 is unique because

  • Venture has a team of highly skilled individuals in several fields
  • A passion for giving back
  • Certified to find these valuables hidden in the Philippines
  • Passionate about treasure recovery

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