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vern twymanVern Twyman is the founder of Ventures 7000, a treasure recovery organization working to recover lost artifacts stolen by the Axis Powers during World War II. Vernon Twyman has created a successful recovery process, working specifically with the authorities in The Phillippines to recover lost treasure hidden deep within the islands’ wilderness.

Based out of Oklahoma, Ventures 7000 is one of the few recovery organizations permitted by the Philipino government to uncover buried treasure. During World War II, Nazi Germany confiscated many historical and cultural pieces. Vern Twyman and Ventures 7000 is working to retrieve these lost treasures.

Areas of Focus

Vernon Twyman and Ventures 7000 works specifically as a treasure recovery organization. With so many lost treasures being recovered in The Phillippines, Ventures 7000 has been permitted by the Philippino government to search out the missing treasure.

To learn more about Vernon Twyman and Ventures 7000, visit this website. Working with a team of professionals and using the proper equipment, Ventures 7000 is leading the way in recovering the missing artifacts of World War II.

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Ventures 7000
7707 E 111th St Ste 103 Tulsa, OK  74133
(539) 777-1335




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