Three Things We Learned About the Sooners

1) Whaley is for real
I have to admit I was with the group that initially thought that the coaches had Dominique Whaley at the top of the depth chart to motivate the other running backs.  I will also readily admit how wrong I was.  Whaley put together a great performance, but it was also some of the best run blocking we’ve seen from this team in years.  I’m not yet sold on the offensive line, but I will be if they run the ball that way against the ‘Noles.

2)  Jevon Harris may not be the answer at free safety
Harris was wonderful in run support.  He finished with 7 tackles, but gave up some of the biggest plays of the game.  The coaches sent Proctor in who may have been a little better in pass coverage but wasn’t as strong in run support.  So, I don’t think he’s the answer either.  I wouldn’t be supprised to see Gabe Lynn working at free safety over the next two weeks.  Hopefully it was just first game jitters for Harris, but we’ll see.

3) It may be scary what this team is able to do when they get Stills, McGee and T. Lewis back
We know Stills and McGee will be back for Florida State.  Travis Lewis thinks he can make it back (if you read his tweets).  Franks played good on the outside but Stills is the total package.  The D line looked good but McGee was playing great at the end of last year.  Let the count down begin, only 11 short days until the Sooners play the ‘Noles.   Our first chance to see how good this team can be.

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