Congratulations Jacey!

Jacelyn Rayne, graduate

My firstborn daughter is graduating high school today.

You might imagine that my emotions are all over the chart.  If you’ve lived this, you understand.

Jacelyn Rayne McWilliams is a wonderful girl.  I can’t seem to remember a time when she wasn’t in my life; it’s like she’s always been with me.

Her heart is so big.  She always wants the best for people and, although those aspirations are not always reciprocated in life, she endures.

I hope to always have those thoughts for those around me.

But Jacey and I are different in many ways, too.  There are some big and some small ways in which our perspectives do not align.  And consciously, I know that’s going to happen with everyone, but as a dad, I want my daughter to see everything just like I do.

Yeah, I know.

And even in that, there is a simplicity and beauty in her viewpoints that does not cease to amaze me.

Precious, I am so thankful and so glad that God gave you to me.  Not a day goes by that I don’t praise Him for you.

Thank you for being a great daughter.  And congratulations!

Have a great day today!  You’re going to have a wonderful life!