OSN Spotlight – Jacob Harper

Photo by Dan Hoke, courtesy SE Sports Info.

Today the OSN Spotlight, presented by Blackbeard Marine, shines on Jacob Harper!BlackBeardMarine-OKC-Kingston-Tulsa-New-2017

• Southeastern football

• Hometown: Spring, Texas

• Sports broadcasting (communication) major expected to graduate in May 2019

• Competed in football and track at Klein Oak H.S., plays football at SE

• Favorite teams: Houston Texans

• Favorite players: Tyrann Mathieu, Ed Reed

• Favorite sports moment – personal: “My senior year of little league football, I caught a pick six with about a minute left to go in the game to launch my team into the playoffs. We had yet to beat this team in my four years and we’re definitely outmatched throughout the game.”

• Favorite sports moment – overall: “Although I am not an avid baseball fan, I do root for my hometown whenever I can. That being said the most recent and memorable moment for me was my Houston Astros winning the world series for the first time in franchise history.”

• What do you like most about SE? “Southeastern has a fantastic set of faculty that is always looking to help the students succeed. My teachers here are the best I could ask for. College is difficult, there is no question about that, but by having the support system you do in the class room, it helps take off the edge and stress that comes with school work.”

• Who do you most look up to? “My dad has been the most influential person in my life. He was just 17 years old when I was born and ever since the day I came into this world on Mar. 5, 1997, he has been teaching me how to become a extraordinary athlete, but an even better man.
My father is my biggest fan in the world, he taught me the basics and fundamentals of football from the time I could walk. It started as a game in the living room and him setting up pillows for me to tackle. Then evolved into him becoming my head coach while I played little league. Throughout the years he has helped me shape and enhance my game to become the player I am today. He prides himself on playing what we call “old school” style of football. Your traditional blue collar guy who loves some smash mouth football and the toughness that comes with it.
Not only is he a fantastic coach, he’s a great dad and husband to my mother myself and little brother Ryan. My parents are 39 years old and have been married 18 years, they are most definitely my rocks and the ones I look to when times get hard. In the en,d my dad is a man that I hope to grow up and be like – an honest, hard working, reliable guy who goes to work no matter what is thrown his way.”

• Goals: “My goal is to become the first person in my family to earn a college degree. I am the very first to go to college and it’s important to me that I finish strong. When I am done with my associate’s, I will then turn my focus towards working on my master’s and invest myself in my education while I have the opportunity.
This upcoming season is something I have high aspirations for, I would like to become an All-American and represent my school well. My dream of playing in the NFL is something that is in reach if I handle my business correctly and play to the potential that I know I can. This will take tremendous amounts of work, through my preparation and study of the game as well as the physical side of it.
“Nothing worth having comes easy.” The road to my goals is everything but easy, but nothing I cannot handle. I look forward to the adversity that comes my way because I know it will only make me stronger in the long run. I would love to play on Sundays for my hometown team, the Houston Texans.”