Classic Bowl band enhanced by Copeland’s performance

Chisholm twirler Courtney Copeland. Photo credit: Mug Shots Photography and Digital Design by Jennifer Johnson

WOODWARD – The Classic Bowl week allowed fans to see a variety of different skills on display. Each event had a number of students exhibiting their skills.

But in Courtney Copeland’s case, she was the only one doing what she was doing.

She was the twirler.


Courtney performed at halftime at Classic Bowl XXVIII. Photo by Jodi McWilliams

“Classic Bowl means a lot for me,” Copeland said. “There aren’t that many twirlers out there. It’s just an opportunity for me to get with other students and just have fun.

“You know, having a week to get together and twirl for a great audience. I love it.”

Copeland twirled with the Classic Bowl XXVIII honor band during the parade and at halftime of the football game on Saturday night. The skill set on display kept eyes on her with all that was going on during the performance.

She showed her proficiency with one, two and even three batons.

Copeland has been twirling for 16 years and received her training at Enid Twirling Academy, in the town in which she lives. But she wasn’t the first in her family to fling the baton.

“My sister got me started.

“She and I are actually 13 years apart. She started at 13 and luckily my parents started me at age 3 and I advanced from there on.”

Copeland has competed in and won numerous titles and went to nationals at Notre Dame in 2009. And there have been many performances as well, including the State Fair and a trip to Florida with the Chisholm Longhorn band.

“We actually went with our band to Disney World and I twirled in the Light Parade. That was a lot of fun. I got to twirl with glow sticks and that was an experience I won’t forget.”

Photo credit: Mug Shots Photography and Digital Design by Jennifer Johnson

Photo credit: Mug Shots Photography and Digital Design by Jennifer Johnson

Copeland graduated in May and is headed to Edmond to college where she will continue to hone her craft.

“I’m going to attend UCO and twirl for them and major in elementary education.

“And it’s a good size for me. Chisholm is pretty small and I’m not good with huge schools so it’s a good happy medium.”

Copeland also said she hopes she has made an impact and that there will be more twirlers at Chisholm after she is gone.

“I hope to leave a legacy. There aren’t many twirlers and I hope they remember me and that there are twirlers that come up seeing me and want to do what I do.”

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