ESPN’s Interview with Landry Jones and Ryan Broyles

espn sports center interviews Jones and Broyles

Last week, Landry Jones and Ryan Broyles had a short interview on ESPN’s Sports Center to discuss the upcoming season and a few other topics.

Even in this short interview, it’s easy to see the connection between Jones and Broyles.  They took the time to discuss the expectations they have coming in as potentially either the #1 or #2 team to start the season.  Jones breaks down the family atmosphere that this years team has and how that will help them stay on track.  Landry even discusses his recent engagement and gives a glimpse into his life outside of football.

Ryan does a great job as always in the interview.  One of the first thing I remember about him was how well spoken he was in an interview during his redshirt freshman season.  They also took the time to discuss the passing of Austin Box and how he will be remembered this fall.

A great interview for the two returning Sooners and one that would make any Oklahoma fan proud.





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