Have Things Been Too Quiet in Stillwater This Fall?


This is one of the quietest fall camps I can remember for an instate team ranked in the top 10 to start the season.  The Cowboys haven’t been front and center on ESPN, they haven’t had any major injury news and they haven’t been fighting eligibility problems.  It seems all of the attention has been focused on the No. 1 team that resides only a short drive south down I-35.  While the Cowboys could get jealous or attempt to make some noise of their own, they are quietly preparing for another strong campaign in 2011.

So what are a few of the bigger story lines coming out OSU’s fall camp?
1)Boone Pickens advises Texas A&M to stay in the Big 12
2)Coach Gundy misses OSU’s fan day
3)Weeden2Blackmon-taking social media by storm

Coach Gundy can just sit back and relax as he watches the three ring circus that is college football news right now.  There should be a confidence knowing that his team is quietly preparing to make headlines on the field this fall.  The Cowboys are really in a good place, being ranked in the top 10 but not having to deal with all of the media scrutiny that typically follows.  So far this fall Stillwater has been quiet.  The Cowboys have been practicing and staying healthy and the biggest news right now is player development.  They need to enjoy it while they can.  We’re only 10 days away from seeing what kind of noise they can make on the field this year.  I have a feeling it won’t be so quiet this time next month in Stillwater.

Photo by KT King

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