I’m thankful for sports … and more

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I’m thankful for sports.

Really, I am. I get to do so many fun things and meet so many great people because of sports.

I get to broadcast on television and radio and the Internet and have an outlet to write consistently because of sports.

I have the opportunities to travel and see parts of the state and the country that I wouldn’t have gone to for other reasons because of sports.

And I’m thankful.

But I guess…

I’m really also thankful to live in a country in which we have the freedom to do so many things with sports. We are free to play the sports we love and attend the sporting events we choose to attend. And we’re even free to start a website to cover the sports in the way we want.

And I should mention also that I’m thankful for each of the men and women who are constantly and vigilantly on duty to protect that freedom we have to work in sports. I’m thankful for those people who are away from their families right now and are serving their country so that I can be with my family and watch sports on this day.

And speaking of family, I’m thankful for a beautiful wife who loves me and has supported me for years as a coach and now as a broadcaster/writer/whatever-comes-up. I am grateful that my children know their daddy loves them every day, whether at home or on the road and whether we get to go to the games together or we speak and pray with each other on the phone.

And about praying, I’m really thankful for the gifts and talents that God has given me that allow me to work in sports. I’m thankful for the favor He has shown me to get to have the relationships I do with so many people who have an impact on the games and all the things that surround them.

And when all the sports have been played, I’m thankful that I know where I will be forever because my Savior won in the ultimate competition.

So yes, I’m thankful for sports. But I’m glad that I know that there is so much more that goes into each and every game.

And I do my best to always keep those things in mind.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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