Monday Observations

Happy Monday!

• This is always a great and sad time of year for basketball fans.
There are teams that have trips deep into the postseason and seasons to celebrate.  This is also a time to say goodbye to seniors and others whose basketball careers are coming to a close.

• I understand what has been happening at ESPN this week.  It’s similar to the above paragraph.  ESPN is losing a friend as they know each other with the “demise” of the Big East as it has been.  I recognize the symbiotic relationship the two entities have had.  Both have built off each other and rose to national recognition and prominence at about the same time in the ’80s.
But it’s been overkill as of late.  Seriously, overkill.  I really do believe I would have enjoyed the conference tournament games more without the feeling of impending doom which was sure to arrive at about 7 p.m. CDT at the close of the Big East title game.

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