Monday Observations

• All 14 of the state’s teams took to the field again this weekend and with no intrastate games on the schedule, it provided one more opportunity to see how Oklahoma would fare against the rest of the country.  Probably not too many folks in the Sooner State like the answer.
Although better than the 0-10 mark from the previous weekend, 3-11 isn’t that good.  (OU, SWOSU and Bacone each won Saturday.)  And since the start of the 2013 season, there has been only one game matching in-state opponents (OU def. Tulsa, 51-20) and 56 against others.  The result: Oklahoma schools went 16-40.
Here’s the breakdown by state:

Vs. Arkansas 5-15
Vs. Colorado 1-3
Vs. Indiana 1-0
Vs. Iowa 0-2
Vs. Kansas 3-8
Vs. Kentucky 0-1
Vs. Louisiana 1-2
Vs. Montana 0-1
Vs. Mississippi 1-0
Vs. Missouri 0-2
Vs. Texas 3-5
Vs. West Virginia 1-1

• How do you get to be named your league’s Player of the Week by making a field goal?  Make sure it’s the first field goal your school has made in 73 years!
Austin Manger, who is a senior and one of very few upperclassmen on the Oklahoma Baptist squad, drilled a 22-yarder on Saturday against Houston Baptist and captured the CSFL weekly honor for special teams.  Additionally, the FG gave the Bison the lead at the half, but proved to be the only score against HBU as they fell, 34-3.

• Is it just me, or did the “scandal” at OSU documented by Sports Illustrated quietly go away with very little acknowledgement that the five-part “investigative” piece was ever published?

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