NBA Deal Looks To Be Done … Tentatively

Well, we’re finally dragging out some kind of Oklahoma City Thunder graphic (I’m sure it will evolve over the course of the year) because the NBA is back.

The “Association” has finally gotten their financial act together in time to salvage a somewhat abbreviated season.  And, of course, we as fans will be expected to be grateful for what we have.  Now because its Thanksgiving weekend, I’m going to stay with the attitude I believe we should have all year long and be thankful, but I admit that it’s a little grudgingly right now.

As of now, the NBA will get things tipped off on Christmas day with a triple-header that was slated to play on that day originally.  Miami at Dallas is one of those games.  And for those of us who were Mavs fans first – and Thunder fans once we got a team – it will be especially sweet to be able to watch the Mavs raise the championship banner on the night the Heat will be in Dallas.  I promise I will shed no tears for Miami.

We’re still waiting to see when and with whom the Thunder will get things going in 2011-12.

According to, right now the plan at this point looks like this:
66 games
Four games against the other four teams in each of the team’s respective divisions (16 games)
Home and away games against the other 25 teams (50 games)

This looks like it could work well for everyone, but it does appear as though the games will happen with fewer off days in order to try to keep the playoffs pretty close to when they normally happen.

The bottom line is that we get to be Thunder-struck again this year after all and will be reminded that Kevin Durant can do more than just play flag football in Stillwater.

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