Oklahoma Eight Man Football Coaches release 2021-2022 All-Star list

The Oklahoma Eight Man Football Coaches Association has released its list of All Stars for the 2021 high school football season. Players from Class B and Class C were recognized for their efforts.

Players are invited to attend a week of training and activities, culminating in the Green vs. Gold Showdown that is set for June 18, 2022. The all-star game will kick off at 6 p.m. at Red Robertson Field on the campus of Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College.

Here is the list of All-Stars by class:


QB – Jadan Hall, Balko
RB – Parker Mitchell, Davenport
RB – Hunter Spears, Caddo
OL – Davon Bashaff, Regent
OL – Tyler Maldonado, Dewar
OL – Brett Thompson, Tipton
WR – Cesar Charqueo, Ringwood
WR – Aden Creason, Balko
Spec – Wyatt Austin, Summit
Spec – Parker Smith, Covington-Douglas

LB – Mason Massey, Laverne
LB – Dakota Wingo, Pioneer-Pleasant Vale
LB – Tristan Wainscott, Velma-Alma
DL – Marshall Been, Dewar
DL – Casey Harrison, Davenport
DL – Chris Jone, Shattuck
DB – Peyton Freeman, Laverne
DB – David Nagel, Garber
DB – Mcray Webber, Empire
Spec – Caden Laverty, Shattuck


QB – Ethan Jenlink, Timberlake
RB – J.J. Pippin, Timberlake
RB – Landon Sechrist, Mountain View-Gotebo
OL – Jaxon Bell, Tyrone
OL – Cole Evans, Mountain View-Gotebo
OL – Gus Hull, Sadakwa
WR – Jerry Danbert, Maud
WR – L.J. Hooper, Mountain View-Gotebo
WR – Robert Perot, Waynoka
At Large – Geral Washington, Midway

DB – Bryce Bodkin, Maud
DB – Dakota Koehn, Tyronel
DB – Tabor Marlatt, Sharon Mutual
LB – Rylan Belcher, Mountain View-Gotebo
LB – Rylan Johnson, Tyrone
DL – Kris Boynton, Coyle
DL – Drake Brody, Waynoka
DL – Cade Severin, Timberlake
At Large – Caleb Arthaud, Boise City
At Large – Noah McGhee, Welch

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