Oklahoma Baptist's Kelvin Rivas was taken in the 10th round in the 2015 MLB Draft. Photo courtesy OBU Sports Info.

••• Updated •••  In the 2015 Major League Draft, 33 players from Oklahoma schools were selected in the 40 rounds of the 2015 Major League Baseball Draft, including two from the high school ranks.

Anthony Hermelyn, Oklahoma, C, Jr. – 4th round, 109th pick – Houston Astros
Ryan Helsley, Northeastern State, RHP – 5th round, 161st pick – St. Louis Cardinals
Taylor Hearn, Oklahoma Baptist, LHP – 5th round, 164 pick – Washington Nationals
Corey Zangari, Carl Albert H.S., 1B – 6th round, 172nd pick – Chicago White Sox
Jacob Evans, Oklahoma, LHP – 6th round, 191st pick – St. Louis Cardinals
Michael Freeman, Oklahoma State, LHP – 7th 199th pick – Houston Astors
Koda Glover, Oklahoma State, RHP – 8th round, 254th pick – Washington Nationals
Kelvin Rivas, Oklahoma Baptist, RHP – 10th round, 296th pick – Miami Marlins
Justin Ellison, Western Oklahoma State, CF – 12th round, 360th pick – Atlanta Braves
Craig Aikin, Oklahoma, CF – 13th round, 394th pick – St. Louis Cardinals
Adam Choplick, Oklahoma, LHP – 14th round, 401st pick – Texas Rangers
Christopher Shaw, Oklahoma, C – 15th round, 463rd pick – Baltimore Orioles
Joshua Rolette, Shawnee HS, C – 18th round, 551st pick – St. Louis Cardinals
Robert Tasin, Oklahoma, RHP – 19th round, 564th pick – Philadelphia Phillies
Thomas McIlraith, Oklahoma, RHP – 20th round, 599th pick – New York Mets
Anthony Sequiera, Oral Roberts, RHP – 23rd round, 684th pick – Philadelphia Phillies
Donovan Walton, Oklahoma State, SS – 23rd round, 691st pick – Milwaukee Brewers
Tim Arakawa, Oklahoma State, 2B – 23rd round, 705th pick – Los Angeles Angels
Austin Afenir, Oral Roberts, C – 25th round, 753rd pick – New York Yankees
Ralph Garza, Oklahoma, RHP – 26th round, 769th pick – Houston Astros
Jon Perrin, Oklahoma State, RHP – 27th round, 811th pick – Milwaukee Brewers
Bryan Case, Oklahoma State, C – 27th round, 816th pick – San Francisco Giants
Xavier Altamirano, Oral Roberts, RHP – 27th round, 818th pick – Oakland A’s
Keach Ballard, Oklahoma Baptist, SS – 31st round, 919th pick – Houston Astros
Corey Copping, Oklahoma, RHP – 31st round, 942nd pick – Los Angeles Dodgers
Reggie Wilson, Oklahoma City, CF – 32nd round, 954 pick – Philadelphia Phillies
Kolbey Carpenter, Oklahoma, 2B – 33rd round, 979th pick – Houston Astros
Gage Green, Oklahoma State, C – 35th round, 1,062nd pick – Los Angeles Dodgers
Guilliermo Trujillio, Oral Roberts, RHP – 35th round, 1,063rd pick – Baltimore Orioles
Dustin Cook, Oklahoma City, RHP – 36th round, 1,083rd pick – New York Yankees
Blake Rogers, Oklahoma, RHP – 37th round, 1,107th pick – San Diego Padres
Conor Costello, Oklahoma State, RHP – 38th round, 1,147th pick – Pittsburgh Pirates
Jacob McDavid, Oral Roberts, RHP – 40th round, 1,215th pick – Los Angeles Angels

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