OSN Spotlight – Breanna Wichert

Photo courtesy OBU Sports Info.

Today the OSN Spotlight, presented by Blackbeard Marine, shines on Breanna Wichert!BlackBeardMarine-OKC-Kingston-Tulsa-New-2017

• Oklahoma Baptist lacrosse

• Hometown: Frisco, Texas

• Undecided on a major and expected to graduate May 2020

• Favorite teams: “My favorite team is the UNC Tar Heels. My favorite player is Michelle Tumolo who is no longer a player but will always be my favorite!”

• Favorite sports moment – personal: “When we’re all lining up at the beginning of the game waiting for our names to be announced. It’s always a fun, hype time and I love running through my teammate tunnel out onto the field!”

• Favorite sports moment – overall: “When we had our first RMAC, D2 win at home! It was a great feeling!”

• What do you like most about OBU? “I love the size of my school. It’s small enough that I know almost everyone I pass walking to class but big enough that if I need some space I’ve got it!”

• Who do you most look up to? “I really look up to my parents! They have always been encouraging and positive in every situation. They encourage me to always give my best and have fun while doing it! I couldn’t have made it to where I am now without them!”

• Goals: “My goal is to be the best player that I can be and have a winning season!”

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