OSN Spotlight – Siobhan Quirke

Photo courtesy UCO Photographic Services.

Today the OSN Spotlight, presented by Blackbeard Marine, shines on Siobhan Quirke!BlackBeardMarine-OKC-Kingston-Tulsa-New-2017

• Central rowing

• Hometown: Long Beach, Calif.

• Psychology major expected to graduate in May 2021

• Soccer and rowing in high school; rowing at UCO

• Favorite player: Robbie Manson (New Zealand Olympian rower)

• Favorite sports moment – personal: “The 2018 NCAA’s women’s 8+ finals race, we were in the last 750 meters and were ahead and by this point knew we had this race and were able to go all out and we were so hyped on adrenaline and the fact that we were rowing well with one another that it somewhat masked that pain and was one of the few races I can say was genuinely fun.”

• Favorite sports moment – overall: “It’s not necessarily one moment, but a reoccurring event of the Great Eight’s which race every year at the Head of the Charles Regatta in Boston. Every year, they choose the top 8 sweepers and scullers from around the world to row in 8+’s with one another and it’s always interesting to see who is picked and to see these athletes who are normally each other’s top competitors row in one boat.”

• What do you like most about UCO? “What put me over the edge for this school was of course the team and staff as they are always there for you, but also the fact that it is a smaller school but it still gives you that big school feel.”

• Who do you most look up to? “Literally everyone…I’m 5’3” in a sport that’s full of 6’ foot women so I’m always looking up at them. But on a serious note, both of my parents because they both came from different countries (Ireland and New Zealand) and through them I’ve been able to see that as long as you’re willing to put in hard work (even if you come from very little) you can make whatever you want from it.”

• Goals: “To win another (and continue to win the) NCAA championships. Also after finishing my rowing career and receiving my degree at UCO, I intend on working as I travel to gain as many global experiences as possible.”

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