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Tulsa area architect companies Property Arts, INC. and Property Arts Construction L.L.C. have been providing quality architectural and construction services to clients residing throughout the southern states of Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, and Texas, since the year 1978.

These Tulsa area architect companies are expertly managed by their President, Mr. Darrell Byrd, A.I.A., who is accompanied by his wife Gayle. Darrell received his architectural degree from Oklahoma State University in 1971. His dedicated Tulsa area architect design staff and construction team strive daily, doing everything in their power to work with excellence and ensure client satisfaction.

Together, the Tulsa area architect Property Arts design and construction teams have accomplished a combined experience of over 125 years in various types of projects. Their portfolio is extensive, from small interior remodels to entirely custom created homes, churches, public schools, and commercial buildings in a variety of sizes.

In addition, the Property Arts Inc. Tulsa area architectural staff has collectively acquired more than 25 years of safe-room design knowledge.  This is beneficial for educational, commercial, professional, and residential applications for protection from inclement weather. It is their primary goal to provide their clients with the best possible design solution to ensure their safety in the event of an emergency situation.  To attest that Property Arts’ experienced architects are providing the best services possible, they have taken the time to complete training in “Safe Schools 101” created by the Oklahoma Department of Energy Management and FEMA.

Meeting and exceeding their clients’ expectations is Property Art’s first priority. They are great at listening attentively to requests sent their way, and they execute completed designs with the utmost precision and care.  Tulsa area architect Property Arts has achieved notable success in the quality of their construction projects; you can click here to view their news and media appearances. When you reach out to they will be quick to respond, so get in touch with Tulsa’s leading architect company today!

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