It’s not often that arch-rivals come together to jointly host an event, but that’s what is happening with the South Central Classic 2013. ECUatSOSU

The eight-team volleyball festival will take place Friday and Saturday with matches played in Ada and Durant.

Aside from the host schools, others competing in the round robin schedule are: Cameron, Central, Maryville, Mid-American Christian, Northwestern and Southern Nazarene.

The ECU schedule:

Friday, Sept. 13
11 a.m. – Northwestern vs. Maryville
1 p.m. – ECU vs. Central Oklahoma
5 p.m. – Northwestern vs. Central Oklahoma
7 p.m. – ECU vs. Maryville

Saturday, Sept. 14
11 a.m. – Northwestern vs. Mid-America Christian
1 p.m. – ECU vs. Cameron
5 p.m. – Northwestern vs. Cameron
7 p.m. – ECU vs. Mid-America Christian

The SOSU schedule:

Friday, Sept. 13
11 a.m. – Southern Nazarene vs. Cameron
1 p.m. – SOSU vs. Mid-America Christian
5 p.m. – Southern Nazarene vs.
7 p.m. – SOSU vs. Cameron

Saturday, Sept. 14
11 a.m. – Central vs. Southern Nazarene
1 p.m. – SOSU vs. Maryville
3:30 p.m. – Southern Nazarene vs. Maryville
7 p.m. –  SOSU vs. Central

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